Lay of the Day

Welcome to our Lay of the Day page

Don't just take our word for it - here is what a couple of our satisfied followers had to say

"I would just like to congratulate you on your lay of the day service. It takes something special to lay 10 horses in a row but at the prices you achieve it is outstanding. Well done.
I have been with several laying services but have found yours to be the most consistent and reliable"
Mick M

"i dont often back horses as I love laying them. So once again what can i say about your information on twitter simply the best advice on the net, so thank you for your great xmas gift to us all with your laying info"
Eddie R

"I´d just like to say well done for your brilliant lays.
Best I´ve seen since I don´t know when.

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as well as

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We have three rules of selection

1. The "Lay" must be less than or equal to 3/1 when the bet is advised
2. We have a maximum of one "Lay" each day
3. Obey the first two rules